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The X-Docks Expandable Floating Dock System

Wave Armor Docks are comprised of rigid plastic floating sections connected by

heavy-duty rubber connectors. Wave Armor Docks are expandable, allowing you to start small and add on more sections later.


They're also modular, allowing you to change your dock's configuration to suit whatever watercraft or purpose you require it to serve. As Wave Armor Docks are lightweight and modular it's also movable, allowing you to take it with you if you ever move.

The Wave Armor Docks advantages

Most importantly, Wave Armor Docks are stable. Hollow cavities within each section help to "suction" the dock to the water. Combined with its unique coupling system, your Wave Armor Dock will provide a safe, firm surface to walk on and enjoy without feeling shaky.


Constructed of polyethylene plastic, Wave Armor docks remain cooler than other docks and you'll never worry about splinters or nails like a traditional dock. The materials used by Wave Armor are stronger and  impact-resistant. Low maintenance and affordability finish off the benefits, making Wave Armor Docks an absolute top choice for your waterfront dock.

Wave Armor Docks works for all port sizes

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Low maintenance

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