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Want the ultimate convenience and ease of use in your cantilever boat lift? The Hewitt Hydraulic Cantilever Lift option provides you with convenient remote-control operation, so you never need to turn a crank or lift more than a finger.

Have your boat in the water in seconds

Start your stroll to the waterfront, press your remote key fob, and by the time you reach your boat it'll be in the water and ready to go. The Hewitt hydraulic cantilever lift features shallow functionality in just 24" of water while hosting 3,900 lbs up to 5,200 lbs. The lift bed lowers to a minimum of 6" for low-water use.


Each hydraulic lift features all-aluminum construction, welded pivots, reinforced construction, and adjustable bunks, all backed by an exceptional 15-year warranty.


Hydraulic cylinders feature triple chrome-plating and waterproof synthetic hoses for reliable operation in harsh conditions. The hydraulic pump chest and remote controls are weatherproof and include a solar cell charger.

Bed lowers to just 6" of water

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Features chrome-plated hydraulics

Simple solar charging system

Backed by a 15-year warranty

Hewitt Hydraulic Cantilever Lifts: Easy Remote Function

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