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Find an economic solution to your deep-water boat lift need with the Hewitt Hi-Lift Vertical Lift option. Featuring simple but proven technology and a wide-ranging capacity of 1,100 lbs up to 10,000 lbs, the hi-lift vertical lift makes for easy storage for all sizes of watercraft in ever-changing water levels and deep waters.

High-ratio winches make for easy operation

With minimum winch ratios of 4:1, even your largest watercraft can be easily raised and lowered via either an electric winch or 40" aluminum winch wheel.


The vertical lift features a rock-solid construction and unique frame design. Side bars provide greater stability than traditional "V"=style side designs. Side bars are set lower for more convenient boat access and eliminate the need for adjustable sidebars.


Competitors like to incorporate adjustable sidebars which eliminate maximum lift height. The hi-left models provide unparalleled performance at a great price with solid construction.

Features 4:1 minimum winch ratios

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Ideal for deep, changing water levels

Electric winch systems available

Hosts watercraft up to 10,000 lbs

Hi-Lift Vertical Boat Lifts: Perfect for Deep Water and Changing Levels

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