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Cubic Docks is an ultra-strong modular dock system that is both highly flexible and extremely tough. As a modular dock system CubicDocks make for easy reconfiguration. Each dock block is 20" x 20", making for easy individual handling.

The Cubic Docks advantages

Cubic Docks are blow-molded using a compound polyethylene plastic. They're modular, meaning you can change your dock's size and configuration as you see fit. Cubic Docks are made from recyclable plastic and require little maintenance - usually the rain is enough to keep them clean!


Each lightweight 20" x 20" section snaps into place with ease. The flexibility of the assembled floats means they'll survive harsh water conditions and adverse weather. Each block is rigorously tested prior to sale and ensured that no leaks are present.

Cubic Docks are flexible

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Cubic Docks are easily handled

Cubic Docks are affordable

Cubic Docks are weatherproof

Cubic Docks Modular Floating Dock System

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